Amazing Places You Will Need Visit in Wakatobi

1 | Snorkelling and Scuba Diving
He amazing marine diversity and reefs of Visit Wakatobi have drawn scuba divers and snorkel enthusiasts from all around the world. With over 750 different species of coral reefs and 942 species of fish, Wakatobi has the maximum number of fish and reef species recorded. It is the second largest barrier reef in the world and encompasses a magnificent 1.4 million hectares – 900,000 of which is tropics coral reefs.
The renowned Jacques Cousteau, named Wakatobi as the finest diving site in the world and known as this spectacular area of pure beauty an ‘beneath water nirvana’.
The diverse and vibrant marine life together with its pristine clear waters and breathtaking pinnacles, ridges, and cliffs, make this beneath water landscape a superb diving destination like no other.

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Two | The Bajo Tribe
At the village of Mola situated on the island of Wangi-Wangi, resides a community of people which are truly distinctive in their lifestyle and history. The people of this village are from the cultural group of Bajo who believe that they direct descendants of the ocean. Once known as nomadic sea gypsies, the members are groomed since childhood to hunt and preserve the ocean. They also have unbelievable skills like walking on the ocean floor and diving depths of 25-50 meters without the aid of scuba gear. It is believed that the Bajo people can endure for months at sea without food equipment or contemporary gear, as there was a time where these folks lived on soppeks (wooden ships ) rather than in the traditional floating stilt homes they reside in now. With the help of a local guide, visitors have the privilege to tour the canals by which these distinctive people live and experience first hand their way of life.

3 | Hoga Island
Encompassed by obvious white sand and pristine calm waters, a visit to Hoga island will definitely bring you back to character. Untainted by pollution and technologically limited (there’s no access to the internet and limited phone reception), visitors to this island will feel rejuvenated by the encompassing pure beauty. Hoga island boasts least 12 fantastic dive sites with top notch reefs and dive masters who are readily accessible to present private diving tours. If diving is not your forte, the tranquil waters that are clear and ample surrounding reefs are ideal for the luscious green jungle is fantastic to get an mid-afternoon increase.

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