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Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol Excessively

There are many factors that play into whether or not people like to drink alcoholic beverages. Most people have control over their drinking, partaking only a few times to unwind or during an event where alcohol is present. Not everyone is able to have control over their drinking at any given time, and there are certainly people who are seemingly controlled by their drinking. Hopefully, these people, often referred to as alcoholics, see the error of their ways and try to correct themselves and right their paths. There are a lot of reasons that people turn to alcohol, and by knowing your specific reasons, you can correct your own alcoholism.

The place that alcoholism begins, is with alcoholic beverages in your direct vicinity. If someone is anxious or depressed, and something is available that makes that person feel good, they are likely to drink it and become dependent on it. A very first step is throwing away all of the alcohol out of the cabinets. Obviously it isn’t always possible that you live by yourself, but perhaps if you do not, have your roommates take their alcohol and put it somewhere you can’t find it. Just be sure they understand why this is important for your recovery and for your life progression, and they will probably be helpful and understanding.

With the easy access choices out of the way, determine the reasons you feel the need to drink at all.
Are you feeling immense pressure or stress from somewhere? Occasionally, it is people that we know and are in relationship with that can make us feel stressed and injured. Work and responsibilities can cause hurt in our lives as well. Once you pinpoint where it’s coming from, find someone to help you work through those specific issues.
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Having thought through your instigating factors, it’s important not to ignore them. It is also vital that you know that all hardship cannot be avoided, and so you need to find outlets that are productive and enjoyable. Find some new healthy hobbies to fill the time you would typically fill with alcohol. There are as many stress relievers are there are people in the world, but some tried and true alternatives are working out, gardening, meditating, or finding another type of spiritual, physical, or creative activity. Whatever you choose, be certain that it brings more light into your life.
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When you no longer feel in control of your drinking, investigate the cause and your reactions. Seek help from those that are trusted and educated on the topic and use their knowledge to move you forward. Don’t delay, and begin to step into your healthier life.

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